A Guide to XY Life’s Fabrics

18 January 2023|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

There are a lot of benefits to buying clothes that your kids love. You’re allowing your kids to express their personalities, stand out from the crowd, be comfortable in their skin, increase their confidence and look cute. But there are many not-so-great things about buying clothes for your little ones. Especially when it comes to choosing the correct fabric. With so many different types of kids’ clothes available in the market, it has become harder to find good quality fabrics for your children. And that’s where XY Life comes in! With a range of children-friendly fabrics, we’ve ensured that we cater to the needs of every child. Let’s dive into a brief guide regarding XY Life’s fabrics.

Which Fabric Is Best For Kids?
There are a lot of factors that determine the best fabric for kids. When you’re shopping for kid’s clothes, you want to pick out pieces that are comfortable and durable enough to last until your child outgrows them. Here are the fabrics that work best when keeping in mind the above factors: 

Combed Cotton: Cotton is a versatile fabric that’s soft and warm. It’s also incredibly comfortable, making it an ideal fabric for kids to wear. Combed cotton is crafted by processing and removing short fibers in the cotton to produce long and even strands. Resulting in cotton that's smoother and silkier; which makes it perfect for use in high-quality clothing. It takes skilled technicians to comb the cotton because it's a difficult task to avoid breaking the long fibers during this process. Combed cotton is best for high-end products because of its durability and quality.

XY Life’s collection of outerwear for kids’ is made using combed cotton. This fabric makes playing, lounging, studying, etc, extremely comfortable for your kid. Some of our products made from combed cotton include boys’ joggers, girls’ t-shirts, boys’ outer vests and more.

Tencel Modal: Tencel Modal is a fabric that has been made from two natural fibers, Tencel fiber and Modal fiber, which are sourced from beechwood trees. Tencel Modal is a premium fabric that offers a range of important benefits for textiles. It is super light and soft, antimicrobial, stretchable, breathable and more. Modal and cotton have similar characteristics, however, modal is a very popular fabric because of its superb drape and silky type of softness. It is therefore frequently used in apparel.

XY Life’s uses Tencel Modal fabric for crafting kids’ underwear, because this fabric is softer than cotton and has antimicrobial properties to provide odor-free comfort
Enhanced with a sweat-absorbent fabric, XY Life’s collection of kids’ underwear is powered by Tencel Modal. From girls’ slips and panties to boys’ briefs and trunks, our range of innerwear for kids is available in a variety of designs and colors.

Cotton Modal: Cotton Modal fabric has many benefits, it is easy to care for and soft on the skin. This fabric retains its shape with fewer wrinkles and has breathable properties. Cotton modal is a type of material that blends the elasticity of cotton with the softness of modal which makes it a great choice for kids' innerwear.

XY Life has a great range of kids’ inner vests, made out of cotton modal, which is highly loved by children and parents alike. If you’re looking for a soft, stretchable, and breathable inner vest for your children, look no further and shop at XY Life.

Conclusion: When you’re shopping for kid’s clothes, you want to pick out pieces that are safe and durable enough to last until they grow out of them. If you want the best of both worlds for your child, then cotton modal is surely the way to go. No matter what you choose, it’s important that your child feels most comfortable in it.

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