Combed Cotton vs Regular Cotton: Which One is Better?

30 November 2022|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

When it comes to clothing, there’s no material more versatile than cotton. This natural fiber can be turned into anything from thick sweaters to light summer tank tops and everything in between. While everyday cotton is fairly easy to find, there are two types of cotton that are gaining popularity amongst savvy shoppers everywhere – combed and regular cotton. So, what exactly is the difference between these two types of cotton? Let’s take a closer look at each one so you can make an informed decision the next time you go shopping, especially for your children.

What is combed cotton?
Combed cotton is a type of cotton that has been specially processed to remove short fibers, leaving mainly longer fibers. The goal of this process is to produce a softer, thinner material that is easier to work with. Combed cotton makes for a great choice for warm-weather clothing and is typically used to create light, breathable designs like t-shirts and underwear. Cotton is a natural fiber that easily absorbs moisture, but combed cotton is less porous and more lightweight, making it ideal for those who want their clothing to be less bulky and moisture-wicking. Compared to regular cotton, combed cotton is softer, thinner, and less likely to pill. The result is a more comfortable fabric that is less likely to scratch your skin or feel itchy. Combed cotton is also generally less durable than regular cotton, it is slightly more expensive than regular cotton but is still a great choice for clothing.

What is regular cotton?
Regular cotton is cotton that hasn’t been processed or treated in any way. This type of cotton is typically composed of a greater percentage of short fibers and is generally coarser, heavier, and less breathable than combed cotton. However, this doesn’t mean that regular cotton is bad. In fact, many high-quality shirts, sweaters, and jeans are made from regular cotton because it is more durable and lasts longer than combed cotton. Unlike combed cotton, regular cotton is more porous and absorbs moisture. Because of this, regular cotton is ideal for colder weather since it is thicker and more insulating. However, this doesn’t make regular cotton a bad choice for clothing. In fact, it’s easy to find high-quality regular cotton clothing that will last for years.

The difference between combed and regular cotton:
As we mentioned above, combed cotton is softer and thinner than regular cotton, making it ideal for warm-weather clothing that you want to be light and breathable. On the other hand, regular cotton is thicker and more insulating, making it a great choice for clothing you want to be durable and long-lasting. When it comes to the feel and look of the two, combed cotton is noticeably smoother, softer, and shinier than regular cotton. Regular cotton has a rougher, duller feel and matte finish. Of course, the amount of sheen, weight, and thickness of fabrics are affected by the finish and quality of the fabrics. Another difference between combed and regular cotton is the price. Combed cotton is much more expensive than regular cotton and is generally found more in high-end clothing. While regular cotton is cheaper, it is also less durable and likely to pill.

You’ve Likely Not Looked Beyond Regular Cotton:
Regular cotton is ideal for clothing that you want to last, such as jeans, sweaters, and heavier shirts. Unlike combed cotton, regular cotton is thicker, less porous, and doesn’t trap moisture easily, making it ideal for colder weather. Regular cotton is also less expensive than combed cotton. While combed cotton is softer, lighter, and less likely to pill, it is also more expensive. Regular cotton is cheaper, less likely to pill, and thicker, making it a great choice for items you want to be durable and long-lasting.

Why You Should Buy Combed Cotton:
If you are looking for a lighter, softer fabric that is ideal for warm-weather clothing, then you should buy combed cotton. Combed cotton also feels softer and smoother against the skin, making it ideal for almost anything. When shopping for kidswear, we often tend to gravitate towards clothing that feels the softest and is most comfortable. Keeping that in mind, we at XY Life have innovated a special super combed cotton clothing line for children that is not only supremely soft and durable but also appealing with various designs that your kids will love..

Summing up:
As we’ve seen, combed cotton and regular cotton have a few key differences. While combed cotton is thinner, smoother and softer, regular cotton is thicker, less porous, and more durable. However, these two types of cotton aren’t meant to be mutually exclusive. Instead, they are both useful in different situations and types of clothing. The decision on what type of cotton to buy comes down to how you want your clothing to feel and perform, as well as how much you are willing to spend.

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