The impact of colour & designs on kids' mood & behaviour

13 March 2023|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

The ability of humans to see colours is truly a gift we need to appreciate more often. Statistics show that 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colour-blind (1). That is approximately 300 million people of the world’s population.

The incredible process of seeing colour begins from the retina right to our prefrontal cortex (2). Each colour elicits a unique feeling in us which can rank from happy to sad (3). Hence, it is important to understand what colours make you the happiest, what colours you find warmth and calmness in, and what colour leaves you feeling tired and sad.

As the international day of happiness draws closer, we need to indulge in activities that bring us joy and that begins with wearing colours that boost our mood. This applies to you as well as the members of your family, especially your kids. This is due to the impact of colours on kids' mood & behaviour.

Colours have the power to affect your little ones' learning, mood, and behaviour. So, as the international day of happiness draws near, we implore you to be mindful of the colours you surround yourself and your little ones with and be grateful for being able to see colours.

Impact of Colours & Designs on Kids - Colour Psychology:

The impact of colours on kids' mood & behaviour varies from colour to colour. What one colour makes you feel might be similar or different to what another colour makes you feel. This differs from one child to another as well. Where one child finds happiness at the sight of blue, another child might find happiness at the sight of yellow.

The emotions each colour elicits for your child is to be taken note of as it might come in handy when shopping for their clothes, toys, and more. The impact of designs on kids’ clothing is to be taken into account as they need to have clothing of varying colours, styles, and designs.

Here are some colours and how they may affect your child’s day:

  • Red:This warm and dominant colour energises and excites kids. It can make them active, and can even lead to hyperactivity if they are overwhelmed with it. Hence, you need to limit the number of red colours of items in their wardrobe. Or better yet, limit the number of times they wear red in a week.
  • Green:This cool colour has a calming effect on little ones. It improves kids’ concentration and comprehension. This colour has healing for kids and improves their reading speed, as well as helps them fall asleep. This colour means positivity and safety for kids.
  • Yellow:This warm colour brings laughter and joy. It promotes your little ones’ concentration, as well as improves their memory. When kids love yellow they are more cheerful and optimistic. But too much of it can lead to frustration and can even cause tears, especially for kids who don’t like it.
  • Blue:This cool colour calms the body and mind. If your little one doesn’t love colours like red or yellow, then blue would be great for them. It can help them calm down from a stressful day and help them sleep. But too much of it can cause increased heart rate and blood pressure. And too much dark blue can cause anxiety and depression.
  • Yellow:This cool colour has a calming effect on kids and evokes empathy. It is an important colour for all kids, not just girls. It soothes and makes your little ones comfortable. It improves their mood and lowers their heart rate. Introverted or shy kids may find it overwhelming.
  • Orange:This warm and vibrant colour leads to enthusiasm and happiness. It is a colour loved by extroverted and/or confident kids. It can give your little ones the nudge they need to step out of their shell or comfort zone. It is the perfect colour to use when you want kids to be creative and friendly.

As you take this into consideration, your kids are sure to have a joyful day on the international day of happiness.

How to Choose the Perfect Colours for your Kids’ Clothing

As stated earlier, the impact of colours on kids’ mood & behaviour varies from child to child. With the colours mentioned, we hope it can guide you to discover which colours your kids love, which ones they are easily overwhelmed by, and which ones dampen their mood and energy.

Once you know the impact of designs in kids' clothing, then you can go ahead and choose your kids’ clothing for their wardrobe. Ensure that there is a balance of colours in their wardrobe. Do not keep to one colour as they may quickly get tired and overwhelmed by it. So, have a variety of colours of clothing items in their wardrobe.

Now that you know how to improve your child’s mood with colours, it would be so much easier to shop for them. Be sure to keep their options wide, not just for their outerwear but for their innerwear as well. Figure out how to choose the right innerwear for kids

Happy Clothing, Happy Child

As you exercise everything you’ve learned about the impact of colours on kids’ mood & behaviour in your little one’s daily life, you would begin to see changes in them. You’ll be able to decipher, with practice, which colours push your little ones out of their comfort zone, and which ones overwhelmed them. The right colour of clothing will keep your child happy and this is exactly what we need to celebrate the international day of happiness.


Q. What colours make kids happy?
Bright colours like red, yellow, blue, pink, and green. These colours in bright dazzling shades are perfect to get your kids excited for the day and brighten their mood.

Q. What effect do colours have on kids?
Bright and fun colours can energise a kid by making them happy and excited. Dull colours can make them bored and uninterested, maybe even inactive.

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