Why Is Tencel Modal Considered To Be The Perfect Fabric For Kids?

06 February 2023|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

Kids can go from happy to sad in an instant because of something as silly as the texture of their clothing. If you’re an avid parent (or soon-to-be parent), then you probably know this already, but kids are extremely sensitive to textures and fabrics. Itchy fabrics make a child feel irritable and cranky, whereas comfortable clothing makes them feel happy and energetic. Even if they don’t realise it, kids are judging every article of clothing they come across based on its feel, which is why choosing fabrics for kid’s clothing is so important! There are many fabric choices for children’s clothing out there, and one of them is Tencel Modal. If you aren’t familiar with this material yet, keep reading to learn more about why so many brands choose to use it when making kid’s apparel!

What Is Tencel Modal?
Tencel modal is a fabric made from a combination of natural cellulose and organic compounds like ethylene and carbon dioxide. This fabric is made using the same process that is used to make paper! The best thing about this material is that it’s not only extremely comfortable, but it’s also very eco-friendly, which is why it’s so popular with parents and kids alike! Tencel modal is a green fabric that’s made from completely renewable resources, which means that there are no harmful chemicals being used when it’s being processed. This also means that there are no toxic by-products being released into the environment!

Softness Is Vital In Kids’ Clothing:
When buying clothes for your child, the fabric of the clothing is one of the most important aspects you should consider. If your kid loves to wear silky, smooth clothing, then you need to look for fabrics like modal! Modal is a naturally soft fabric that feels amazing against your skin. It’s also soft, light and breathable, which makes it a great choice for hot-weather clothing!

Tencel Modal Is Ultra-Soft:
As we said earlier, modal is a naturally sourced, soft fabric that feels great against your skin! What’s amazing about Tencel Modal is that even though it is extremely soft, it has a very high stretchability and recovery rate, which means that it can handle being stretched in every direction. This is especially important when it comes to kids’ clothing because it means that their clothes won’t rip if they’re playing rough!

Tencel Modal Is Breathable:
One of the downsides of wearing clothing made of fabric like cotton is that it can trap a lot of moisture and sweat against your skin. When you wear cotton clothing, it can get really hot and sticky, especially in the summer months! Tencel Modal, on the other hand, is a light and breathable fabric, which means that your child will stay cool and dry no matter what time of year it is! Even better, modal is naturally soft and ultra lightweight, which means that it won’t irritate your child’s skin!

Tencel Modal Stretches And Recovers Well:
One of the most important factors of any fabric is its ability to stretch. After all, kids like to move around and play in their clothing! If you’ve ever had a pair of pants that were too tight, you know how uncomfortable they can be, even if they’re made out of 100% cotton! Modal not only stretches, but it also recovers well, which means that it will go back to its original shape after being stretched. This is especially important when it comes to kids’ clothing because it means that their clothing will fit them correctly, even as they grow! This makes modal a great fabric to choose when making clothing for young children who are constantly growing and developing! Apart from being moisture-absorbent, modal fabric is further enhanced with antimicrobial properties to provide odour free comfort.

The Bottom Line:
Kids are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings, which means that every fabric that comes in contact with their skin must be soft and gentle on their skin. If you’re looking for a fabric that is both super soft and eco-friendly, then Tencel Modal is the perfect choice for your next batch oXY Lf kid’s apparel! If you’re shopping for kids’ clothes, Tencel Modal is definitely worth checking out!

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