10 Space-Saving Hacks For Kids' Wardrobes That Will Make Your Life Easier

16 January 2023|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

‍Kids have a lot of restrictions when it comes to their wardrobes. They don’t have anywhere near as much space as adults do, and anything that doesn’t fit in their closets has to go somewhere else. However, if you know where to look, there are plenty of ways you can make your kid’s life easier without them even knowing about it. Here are clothing storage ideas that will help you clear out space in your kid’s closet.

Get Creative with Your Storage Space:

If you’ve got a kid who loves building things, you can get creative with your storage space and create shelves in your wardrobe that they can use to store their LEGO. Not only will this save on space in their wardrobe, but it will also mean they won’t accidentally put their masterpiece down and break it. Even if your kid isn’t into LEGO, you can use storage ideas and combine them with colour coordination ideas to store their clothes, toys, books and more. This will make the kids’ closet look more organised and pretty to look at.

Prioritise Clothing: If your child has a larger collection of clothes, it can be a pain to try and fit their entire clothing range into their closet. Even though you may have a lot of space in your cupboards, the clothes you have hanging up at the moment still take up space. If your child has a lot of designer kids' clothes that they can only wear for special occasions, it can be a real waste to have them hanging up in their wardrobe, especially when they’re not using them frequently. Instead, hang up their daily wear clothes, so that you can choose their clothes easily, especially when you’re in a hurry and rushing out the door. Make it a rule to only hang up clothes that your child wears on a daily basis, as soon as they get dressed. This wardrobe storage hack will surely work for you!

Take Out Dirty Clothes Regularly: A small child will inevitably get their clothes dirty. If you try to put these dirty clothes in the kids’ wardrobe, they will take up space and you’ll have to dig them out again once you’re ready to do laundry. Instead, take these dirty clothes out and put them in a laundry basket which you keep in your kid’s room. When you need to wash the clothes, take them out and put them in the hamper, and you’ll avoid messing up the perfectly clean kids’ closet. 

Use Cardboard Boxes As Storage: If you’re one for recycling rather than buying new wardrobe organisers, you can use cardboard boxes to store your kids’ clothes, toys, books, stationery, etc. It’s pretty easy to find and they can do wonders for a kids’ closet. If you want to be more creative, you can paint the boxes in different colours that your kid loves. 

Find Multi-Functional Storage Options: If your kid has a desk, a bookshelf and a wardrobe, they will have a lot of space in their room. However, if you can’t fit their entire wardrobe into those spaces, the rest of their clothes are going to take up space in other places. You can create places in your child’s room that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, you can buy a kids’ wardrobe organiser that can double as both a storage for clothes as well act as a partition to the things in the kids’ closet. 

Hide Shoes To Save Space: If you live in a compact space, you’ll know that any extra place in your house is always appreciated. If not taken care of, kids’ shoes can wreak havoc in the house. So, it’s better to store them in a place where they’re out-of-sight. If possible, you can invest in a separate shoe closet, or you can use kids’ wardrobe organisers to neatly tuck away the shoes inside the kids’ closet.

Use an over the Door Shoe Holder: If your child only has a small number of shoes, you can use an over-the-door shoe holder to keep their shoes organised. You can buy these over-the-door shoe holders in most hardware stores, and they are relatively affordable. You can keep these shoe holders in your child’s wardrobe, and they can use them to store shoes in whatever space they want. This means that they don’t have to be organised by shoe type, and it will keep your child’s shoes organised in a way that is easy for them to see.

Pick Out the Right Hangers: Make the most of the kidscloset space by using the right hangers. Slimline hangers use less room than typical ones so that you can store more clothes without having to pack them in tightly. Besides that, the non-slip design will ensure that your son won’t leave his half-hung shirt in his cupboard.

Try to Use Hooks: Kids can hang their jackets, bags, scarves, and jewellery easily thanks to hooks, which helps to keep the closet floor clear of clutter. This will make the kids’ closet accessible and organised.

Use Labels: Labelling is a great kids’ closet storage hack. It makes it easier for both you and your kid to locate things and to keep their things in the correct place. This habit will help them develop a sense of responsibility and cleanliness. 

Wrapping up: Keeping your child’s wardrobe as neat and organised as possible will help you save on space in your own wardrobe, and it will also keep your child on-task. If your child has a large wardrobe, it can be frustrating to them if they have too many clothes, and it can also be frustrating for you to keep them in check. If your child has a small wardrobe, it can be difficult to notice if they have too many clothes, which can be a real problem if you have a limited amount of storage space. So, use these closet storage hacks to make sure that no matter the size of your kids’ closet, it always remains organised.

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