Tips And Tricks To Build Your Growing Child’s Wardrobe

16 January 2023|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

Children and teens have growth spurts and need new clothing every month. They can go from being a size 4 to a size 6 in the space of one season. If your child is growing rapidly, it can be hard to keep up with all their new clothing needs. They might end up with an overflowing closet from not wearing any of their clothes because they grow out of them so quickly. Or, you might find yourself buying more expensive items as they grow older so you can extend the life of that current outfit for longer. Keeping your child’s growth spurts in mind, we will give you some handy tips on how to build a capsule wardrobe that grows with them.

Decide On A Staple Or Two:
Kids change fast, so you need to make sure you have a few staples in your kids’ wardrobe like t-shirts for boys, joggers for boys, vests for boys, tank tops for girls, and leggings for girls. Stock up on these, so that when they go through a growth spurt, you can still keep them covered. You don’t want your child to be stuck in a rut so they need to be able to wear things that are a little different to keep them interested in their wardrobe. You also want to make sure you have something that can cover the growth spurts so you can buy them a few items that are a little bit bigger so that when they come up in the middle of their growth spurt, you can still cover them. This will help you avoid buying a bunch of new clothes for kids that they grow out of quickly. Keep your kids’ wardrobe capsule full of such staples.

Shop for the Best Quality Clothes:
This is something that might seem obvious, but isn’t a common practice. If you are shopping for kids’ clothes that are affordable, you are going to buy more clothing than you need. When your child grows out of a garment, you can simply buy another piece from the same collection. You’re also not going to be buying the highest quality garments, which will not last long and can potentially harm your child’s sensitive skin.

Instead, you can make a wardrobe capsule made of a few sure-shot clothing items that your child can mix and match with other clothes as they grow up.

You Don’t Have To Buy New Clothes All The Time:
There will be a few times a season when it is best to go all out and buy a ton of new clothes. This is when there is a clear trend that you want to get into, or when there is a new fad that your child is into. This can be seasonal like Christmas, Easter, back to school, or summer. But you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy new clothes every season. Instead, you can pick out pieces from your child cousins or their siblings' closets and upcycle them. This isn’t just sentimental but also a sustainable way of dressing your child.

Make It A Fun Experience And Teach Your Child to Love Shopping:
Kids want to try on clothes, but they can be intimidated by the dressing room. When you go shopping with your fast-growing child, you need to take the intimidation factor out of it. When your child tries on a shirt, you can tell them that they look cute in it. If they get undressed and try to take off their clothes, you can tell them that they are adorable even in their underwear. Kids love to shop for new clothes and will enjoy looking for future purchases more if you add some fun elements to the shopping experience. For a seamless online shopping experience, check out XY Life. You can browse through our kidswear collection online, with your child and pick the clothes they like. Our range of innerwear for boys consists of trunks, briefs and vests. We also have staples like t-shirts for boys and joggers for boys. XY Life also offers a range of innerwear options for girls like hipsters, boyshorts, bloomers and slips as well as spaghetti tops, tank tops, t-shirts and leggings.

This guide on how to build a kids' capsule wardrobe that grows with your child will help you get started building a wardrobe that will last longer. These tips are also great for helping your child grow into their own style. Fast-growing children are going to need new clothes more often than other children, so it is important to be prepared. With these tips in mind, you will be better equipped to build a wardrobe that will last your child longer.

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