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07 October 2022|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

Skin care for children is essential. Young kids have extremely sensitive skin which is why, when buying kids’ apparel, we usually consider whether or not that piece of clothing is rash-free, non-itchy, and made of a good design before making the purchase. The same holds true for innerwear for kids. Children and adults wear underwear daily, so it's critical to consider the fabric, elastic and design you choose for your younger ones. You must choose the specific design that complements your kids’ style and body type. Along with fabric, the kind of elastic used in the underwear for kids, as well as the stitch quality, make a massive difference in how your child will feel in the underwear.

Why do kids have sensitive skin?
It’s not uncommon knowledge that children have very sensitive skins. Your younger ones are more prone to skin problems like itching and rash than you are, and there is a reason for that. Kids’ skin is thinner than that of adults. Being newer to the world, their skin can respond to things in an unpredictable way. A further challenge is finding clothes that are itch-free, rash-free, and made of a comfortable stitch and design. Even if you find a nice fabric, things such as clothing tags, poor stitch and loose threads in kids’ underwear can cause them irritation and other problems.

Your kids’ skin might be at risk:
If you’ve not yet paid attention to ill designs, poor stitching and tight elastic bands, they might be affecting your kids’ health and it might get your attention. Textile dermatitis is one problem that kids with sensitive skin could experience. This type of rash could indicate an allergy to the fabric, dyes, chemicals, or preservatives used in the manufacturing or processing of a garment. It may cause a breakout and be excruciatingly uncomfortable. Children don’t often understand and neither can they properly explain their discomfort but as parents, you must choose kids’ underwear which is itch-free, made of a good design and uses non-toxic color dyes.

Things to keep in mind while buying kids’ underwear:
Skin problems in children can be avoided simply by making smart and conscious choices when it comes to choosing their underwear design, fabric, stitch, etc. Here are a few things you must keep in mind while purchasing innerwear for kids.

Breathable and absorbent fabric:
Needless to say, choosing the right fabric is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing underwear for kids. Moisture is the breeding ground for germs and while going out and about the day, children tend to go through a lot of physical activity which makes them sweat. So, it’s important to choose underwear with a design, fabric and elastic that is breathable, absorbent, and rash-free. Cotton is a great example of such a fabric, but in recent times, the man-made Tencel Modal fabric has started taking the front seat. Made of Beechwood trees, XY Life’s kids Tencel Modal underwear range is antimicrobial, absorbent, itch-free, and rash-free.

Not only will this smooth fabric keep your child dry and fresh all day long but also help them be their true selves without any worry. 

Comfortable waistband and stitch:
Uncomfortable waistbands are one of the main reasons why some children dread changing their undies. The tight elastic can not only cause extreme discomfort but also turn into a severe rash. Along with this if the kids’ underwear is also made up of a bad stitch, their skin is bound to suffer. The loose threads caused by a bad stitch can prove to be itchy and irritating to your kids’ young skin. From boys’ trunks and briefs to girls’ hipster, boyshorts, and bloomer panties, XY Life’s children’s underwear is made tagless, non-itchy and of a superior elastic.

Every child has different design preferences. While one style might suit one kid, it might be uncomfortable for another. However, for kids with sensitive skin, full-coverage underwear is recommended as it covers most of the skin and prevents chafing or rashes. Along with this, it's also important to let them decide what they want to choose in terms of color, style, and design.

Many toddlers find the switch to children's underwear to be frightening because they find the idea of being without a safety net to be incredibly terrifying. On top of this, if they end up getting a bad experience because of the design, stitch, or elastic, it can be a nightmare for them. This is why choosing the ideal underwear type for your children is so crucial. When your baby finally transitions into a big boy or girl underpants, you want them to feel proud and confident in their own skin. Browse through XY Life’s line of underwear for kids to find the best fit for your child.

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