Fun Clothing Prints Your Child Will Love To Wear In Spring

16 March 2023|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

With springtime’s imminent arrival, you must protect your little one from the harsh heat of the day and invest in soft, light, and breathable clothing. It's important to buy comfy kidswear, but you can also add fun elements to your child’s wardrobe by picking clothes featuring colourful prints, patterns, and designs. Here is a list of prints your child needs in their closet asap.

Typographic prints add personality to their everyday wear:
Kids' clothing featuring bold typographic prints or catchy slogans will add a lively element to your child’s wardrobe. Quirky and stylish, typographic prints will add oodles of personality to your child’s wardrobe and it might even help boost their confidence levels. Considering the styling potential typographic prints offer, our Playmate collection uses this print and has designed many clothing styles for girls and boys. Check out our collection of trunks for boys, briefs for boys, outer vests for boys, t-shirts for girls and boys, joggers for boys, and leggings for girls.

Stripe it up:
Most children are fond of colours, it comes from their interest in creating masterpieces with paints, crayons, and pencils. Hence, investing in stripe-printed kidswear is the best way to honour their love for colours. This aesthetic print will brighten up their wardrobe immensely. Make sure to browse through our Arcade collection of stripe-printed kidswear. Don’t miss out on our briefs for boys, trunks for boys, outdoor vests for boys, t-shirts for girls, bloomers for girls, spaghetti tops for girls, tank tops for girls, and leggings for girls.

Throw some stars in there:
Does your child have their head in the sky, dreaming of stars, planets, and asteroids? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must get your budding ‘astronaut’ kidswear designed with space-themed prints asap. Our Astro selection has the perfect staples just for them. Make sure to browse through our trunks for boys, briefs for boys, and outer vests for boys. Don't miss out on our Astro collection for girls consisting of bloomers for girls, hipsters for girls, boyshorts for girls, leggings for girls, and t-shirts for girls.

Fun, playful prints:
Ever heard of the expression - “you are what you wear”? Channel your child’s artistic endeavours by investing in clothing that features fun and playful prints (the kind of designs they can draw by themselves). Our Scribbles line-up is all that and more, this range showcases the cutest doodle prints you can find. In our Scribbles, boys range you must check out our inner vests for boys, trunks for boys, and briefs for boys. Our Scribble girls collection includes styles like slips for girls, hipsters for girls, bloomers for girls, and boyshorts for girls.

Upgrade your child’s collection by choosing clothing that features prints that will enliven their wardrobe effortlessly. Not only will it add stylish elements to their collection, but it will also help them understand their likes and dislikes. This will help them pick out clothes easily and make shopping a fun-filled experience. Remember - happy child, happy life.

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