How To Choose The Right Underwear For Kids

19 July 2022|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

Picking the right underwear for your little ones can be a challenging task.

The underwear might be uncomfortable to begin with. Next, your youngster starts pulling and rummaging inside their clothes to find the tag or other embellishments that are bothering them. And finally, because the fabric is stiff or scratchy, your child decides to skip the undies altogether!

With so many options available in the market out there, parents these days can get intimidated while choosing the right pair of undies for their children.

But there’s more to kids’ underwear than meets the eye. From the right fabric to fit and quality, there’s a lot that needs to be taken into consideration given the fact that children’s skin is much more sensitive than adults. It's time to discover a children's underwear brand you can trust rather than grabbing the first pack of kids' underwear you see when you're out shopping.

So if you’re a parent trying to figure out how to choose the right underwear for kids, we have just what you need. Here are 5 things you must keep in mind before purchasing the next pair of undies for your little one. 

Measurement: What’s the worst thing that can happen when you purchase kids’ underwear? It doesn’t fit them properly! Getting your child’s accurate measurements is one of the most important things while picking their innerwear. However, this part might not be as simple as it sounds because of your little ones’ rapid growth. So how do you get the right size? By simply using accurate measurements. Measure their waist and thighs before purchasing anything. To make sure that your child doesn’t grow out of their underwear quickly, you can even opt for one size bigger.

XY Life’s range of Tencel Modal underwear for kids’ is not only extremely soft and comfortable but also very stretchable as well.

After you’ve taken accurate measurements, you can consult our size chart to purchase the pair that comes closest to your child. Easy to read and understand, it’ll help you make sure that you get the right pair of undies for your kids.

Fabric: Needless to say, the right fabric is what can either make or break your kids’ moods throughout the day. The number of things that can go wrong by simply choosing the wrong fabric is endless. From chaffing to rashes, a bad fabric can hurt your children’s sensitive skin. Our range of kids’ underwear is OEKO-Tex certified which means that it is free from Azo dyes that can enter the body by a variety of exposure routes including clothes. Some of them can be metabolized to produce more hazardous metabolites, which can lead to harmful effects such as allergic reactions, tumor growth and endocrine abnormalities.

Moreover, these underwear are made of premium fabrics such as Tencel Modal and super combed cotton which is known for its excellent quality.

Anti-bacterial fabric, superior sweat absorption, and three times more softness than regular cotton are just a few things that make Tencel Modal, the ideal fabric choice for your child.

For your boy, you can choose XY Life's collection of briefs and trunks, and for your little girl, choose from a wide variety of boy shorts, bloomers and hipsters.

Waistband: Children are way more active than adults which means that their days are longer and more activity-filled. However, more often than not, their playtime gets affected by what they’re wearing. Tight waistbands are to children what ill-fitting shoes are to adults, simply uncomfortable.  But unlike us, kids don’t often understand the source of their bad mood and start throwing tantrums. Regularly donning tight, uncomfortable clothing might have a negative impact on your child's health. It may obstruct breathing, limit blood flow or place undue pressure on the stomach, producing acid reflux and heartburn. For oxygen to be supplied and for there to be a clear mind and more energy, there needs to be good circulation.

This is why, at XY Life, we’ve made sure to make excellent quality undies that guarantee no marks. The comfortable inner elastic is made of micro modal fabric that is stretchable as well as very soft and gentle on the skin. So help your children and say goodbye to unwanted scratches and irritable moods by choosing the right innerwear for them.

Durability: When it comes to children, there’s no such thing as too much durability. From spending time in the playground to running around in the house, there’s a lot that can actually cause wear and tear to their clothes. In that case, it’s essential to buy clothes that are durable and can keep up with the lives of your younger ones. Kids’ underwear is no different. You must make sure that everything from the fabric to the fit and color is durable and long lasting.

Most cheap underwear makers use bad-quality stitching to sew their clothes. They leave seams with holes. or rough, unpolished edges. This is important because an unfinished hem can irritate young skin. After just a few wash cycles, it might also begin to unravel and tear.

At XY Life, we’ve ensured that our collection of kids’ innerwear lasts a long time. This claim is cemented by the knitted fabric used in our undergarments which not only makes sure that the quality remains unmatched but also ensures that no color is lost or faded after multiple uses.

Style: Although it may not seem crucial, the type of underwear you choose can have a significant impact. Your toddler may be encouraged to wear underwear with cute and playful designs, which will also make them appear cuter. There are many different kinds of toddler underwear, so you should determine which one fits your child the best.

What we wear should always compliment our personalities. This holds true even for kids. Let them experiment with designs and choose a style that they like. If your little boy is into bright, bold colours, he would love our Arcade collection of boys’ briefs and if your girl likes to explore everything in the universe, the Astro Starry range of girls’ boy shorts would definitely fascinate her.

More often than not, kids enjoy wearing something that they pick out for themselves. This will give them a sense of independence as well as joy.

Other things to keep in mind:
Many brands of children's underpants use terrible paper tags that cause intense scratching and irritation. Even fabric tags, when sewed in with rough thread, can lead to unwanted irritation. That is why XY Life's range of underwear is made 100% tag-free.

All children are different, some grow taller than others and some are petite and lean. This is why it is important to let kids choose for themselves even from a young age. After you’ve done filtering underwear basis the above criteria, it would be nice to let the young ones decide what suits their liking the most.

Consistency is also key. Once you identify your child's preferred style, you can repeatedly buy the same look to help them get acquainted with it and get comfortable.  

The fabric must be breathable in order to prevent sweat from building up while playing. This reduces the possibility of illnesses while also keeping your child cool all day. This is why it’s important to choose Tencel Modal, one of the softest and most breathable fabrics out there.

In a nutshell: When it comes to buying kids’ underwear, finding the perfect pair can be quite overwhelming. But keeping the right things in mind can not only help you make a more informed decision but also make sure that you’re sure about what you choose. There are many fabrics and styles for your kids out there but it’s up to you to pick out the best.

When your child is old enough,  let them shop for underwear so that you can actively involve them in the process. It's normal for you to have control over the technical factors like size, material, or quality, but it's crucial that young children start making modest decisions that promote independence and self-worth. Additionally, it lessens the requirement and resistance to wearing them by imposing them.

It’s important to understand that you and your young one are a team. Imposing new clothes, especially underwear on them without talking to them can result in rejection on their part. To avoid that and to make sure that your kid looks forward to the change, their involvement is key.

So stop dreading the next time you have to change your little one’s underwear collection and instead make it an enjoyable process.

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