5 Style Tips To Get Your Kid Ready For Outdoor Activities

19 July 2022|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

Deciding how to dress your little ones can be one big task, especially when the summer sun is at its worst. From unbearable rashes to other heat-induced skin problems, there’s a lot that can irritate your children’s skin. More often than not, this dilemma ends up instilling anxiety within parents’ minds and most kids’ innerwear brands do nothing to get rid of it. But what if we tell you that all this can be solved by just following a few simple style tips that’ll not only keep your children comfortable outdoors but also make them love their looks? 

Here are 5 style tips you can keep in mind when getting your kid ready for the great outdoors:

Choose premium quality kids’ innerwear:
What’s inside, matters more than what’s outside. Innerwear is a vital part of every person’s closet but it’s especially important to pick the right underwear for kids because of their sensitive skin. 

While outdoors, a child gets exposed to multiple things, all of which might not be suitable for them. In that case, underwear made of a good quality fabric plays an important role. Our range of kids’ underwear is made of the premium IntelliSoft Tencel Modal fabric which is known for its antimicrobial properties, superior stretch, snug-fit, and versatile designs which will keep your children comfy irrespective of what they do. 

Pick out a versatile innerwear vest:
A comfortable innerwear vest is a must-have when it comes to outdoor dressing for kids. From girls slips and tank tops to boys inner vests, our range of kids innerwear is perfect to wear under any kind of clothing. Made of an antimicrobial Tencel Modal fabric, this collection is breezy, stretchable and sweat-free. So let your young ones enjoy their time outdoors to the fullest.

A good t-shirt can never go wrong:
The classic t-shirt can never fail you when it comes to dressing your children. Not only is it hassle-free and easy to manage but also extremely versatile.

But keeping in mind factors such as quality, longevity, comfort, and style, finding a nice t-shirt is not as simple as it sounds. That’s where our super combed cotton t-shirts for kids come in. Made of Oeko-Tex certified cotton fabric, these t-shirts are long-lasting and biodegradable.

What’s even better? These kids’ t-shirts are tag-free which is exactly what is needed during their time outdoors.

A comfy pair of joggers go a long way:
When outdoors, you’d want your child to be carefree and enjoy themselves to the fullest. But given the number of harmful things that they can get exposed to, it’s very difficult to be completely at ease. This is why a good pair of kids’ joggers are just what your child needs. Made of 100% super combed cotton, XY Life joggers for boys are highly absorbent, antimicrobial, and free of any harmful chemicals.

With this collection, your child can have the time of their life without feeling discomfort or irritation. 

Stylish outer vests for the win:
The summer heat can be pretty uncomfortable for young children. And if you dress them in a lot of fabric, they tend to get fussy and irritable. In this case, versatile outer vests are a no-brainer when it comes to dressing your children. Our super combed cotton boys’ outer vests and girls’ tank tops are perfect to style your kids’ when prepping for a day outdoors.

Dressing your kids can be tricky at first but just choosing a better fabric or style can make a huge difference when it comes to children’s comfort. With the above style tips, you can be assured that your child will not only be comfortable during their time outdoors but also look chic and stylish.

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