Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Children's Clothing

06 February 2023|BY XY Life Pvt. Ltd.

When you have little ones, shopping for their clothes doesn’t seem like the easiest task. You might often wonder what are the best things to keep in mind when buying kids’ clothing. After all, there are so many options available that it can be a challenge to find what your child will look cute in and also feel comfortable wearing. Here are some important tips for buying kids’ clothing: Think about their build and weight, when buying a dress or pair of pants, check that they don’t fall on top of the shoes (elevate shoes at least two fingers). This is especially important if your child has a shorter stature. If they have a larger build or weight, look for something with adjustable straps instead of buttoned flaps or zippers. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Choose High-Quality Fabrics:
Kids’ clothing should be made from high-quality fabrics such as super combed cotton, tencel modal, linen, and wool. These materials are easy to care for, they last longer and they’re soft on the skin. It’s best to avoid synthetic fabrics such as polyesters, nylons, and spandex in your kids’ wardrobe as they are rough against the skin and can cause rashes and irritation. You can also look for clothes that are made from recycled materials like cotton, which is grown with bi-products like water and fertiliser. You can also look for clothes that are made of organic and sustainable materials. This means that the fabric is grown using organic methods. It’s important to note that not all clothes are made from sustainable materials.

Give Solids, Patterns And Prints A Shot:
Buying clothes for your child can be tricky. You might like a particular print or design because you think it looks great on your child. However, your child might not like the designs you’ve chosen and they might want something different. Find middle ground and experiment by investing in patterns, prints and solids and figure out your child’s style. Check out our extensive collection of staples, basics and essentials for girls and boys. They are specifically categorised into Playmate, Primary, Arcade, Astro, Arcade and Scribbles. From solids and stripes to space-themed prints, our collection has something for every boy and girl.

Stick To The Basics:
Kids’ clothing should be as basic as possible. They don’t need to wear extravagant outfits, but there are a few things you can do to make their outfits more interesting. Your child’s style can vary a lot, and you can find something that they love to wear. Firstly, you can amp up your kids’ wardrobe by buying staples like t-shirts for boys, outer vests for boys and joggers for boys as well as t-shirts for girls, tank tops for girls and leggings for girls. You can even get them a pair of shoes or a bag to give them a bit of personality. A pair of socks with statement artwork such as a baseball or football can also make an outfit stand out. You can also look for basic t-shirts with added details such as an embroidered letter or logo. For bottoms, things are a bit more flexible, as you can go for basic pants or shorts.

Make Sure The Fit Is Right:
If you buy kids’ clothes with a fit that is too large or small, they will be uncomfortable and will likely end up being worn once. Kids’ clothing should be close enough to their actual size so that they don’t get stuck in their clothes. If you buy clothes that are too big or small, you can take them to a local alteration shop that does tailoring for a small fee. 

Keep these tips to buy kids’ clothes next time as it can be crucial to how your kid feels in his own skin.

Don’t Forget About The Details:
Kids’ clothes should be well-tailored. This means that the seams should be neatly tucked and that the buttons should be neatly pressed. Clothes should be ironed as soon as they come back from the laundry. These little things can go a long way when it comes to your child’s self-confidence and appreciation of their own wardrobe. If you’re shopping for kids’ clothes alone, keep an eye out for characters or cartoons that they love so that it motivates your children to dress nicely every time they wear them.

Kids’ clothing can be difficult to find and difficult to buy. Luckily, there are tips to buy kids’ clothes that you can keep in mind when shopping to ensure that you find something that will look good on your child. Look for basic colours and solid patterns, go for high-quality fabrics, make sure the fit is right, and don’t forget about the details. These tips will help make sure that your child looks good while also feeling comfortable when wearing their clothes.

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